7 Tissues Nourishment Concept (7TNC) by Herbalage

Herbalage Wellness products are conceived, based upon and developed through the ancient health keeping principle of nourishing Satpa-Dhatus (7 tissues), which we also call 7 structural tissues or components. We call it 7 Tissues Nourishment Concept (7TNC).

Herbalage Wellness

Our products have been designed to protect our body from diseases as well as to help it to get rejuvenated by following these Ayurvedic principles:

  • Balancing of humor (tri-dosha) of Vata-Pitta- Kapha.
  • Elimination of toxins (AMA) and
  • Nourishing the 7 structural tissues (Sapta Dhatus) known as plasma (ras), blood cells (rakta),muscles (maans), fat tissues (meda), bones (asthi), bone marrow (majja), & reproductive tissues (shukra) and finally rejuvenating the body by:
  • Enriching nutrition (Rasa), improving digestion & metabolism and (Agni)- and improving micro-circulatory channels (srotas).

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Happy Clients Says...

We do care for your health and do everything to provide you the best quality and it really feels great when we get happy testimonies by you .

Thanks to Herbalage to equipped me with the knowledge of Ayurveda. Herbalage products wonderfully help in sleeplessness, stomach ulcer, body swelling, back pain due to early menopaue, weight gain and many more.

Sunil Gupta, Medical Store Owner Indore Wellness Expert

Quest of finding some holistic solution landed me at Herbalage Wellness. Trust me in just 3 months, using Herbalage Hair, Skin & Nails Health product alongwith their Women's Essential Health I am completely relived, my skin is more lustrous & youthful now.

Alka Sharma, Reflection Beauty Salon Ghaziabad Beauty Expert

I was amazed because it gave me remarkable results and hope. I feel as the products have really slower down damage of my joints, It gave me immense relief. Happy Health

Dr. Abhilasha Chaturvedi (MBBS) Allahabad Gynecologist & Leading IVF expertin north India

About Herbalage

Herbalage was incorporated to take lead in the predicted (Presently 3 Trillion US$ global) next TRILLION DOLLAR Wellness Industry (Then 200 Million US$ wellness, preventive health and anti-ageing Industry) in 2006, and commenced its business on December 27, 2007 by introducing world-class Herbal Dietary supplements range, mainly developed to export to USA by World’s oldest & largest Ayurveda R&D center, established in the holy city of Allahabad, near tri-holy rivers.


"A World with balanced wellbeing. "


To enhance everyone’s Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual wellbeing on planet earth.


We are committed to develop best quality proprietary & patented Ayurvedic and herbal dietary supplements.


Team – inspiration, empowerment, performance, speed, quality, completeness and ultimately competitiveness.


“Head-to-toe process” while designing, developing and preparing for manufacturing the product.


We focus on our customer satisfaction and earning profits out of it. We believe “Giving equals to Earning”.

Founder's Purpose

Mohammad Aqeel Syed, the MD & CEO

Herbalage Wellness

Herbalage was co-founded by Mr Mohammad Aqeel Syed, an experienced marketer and brand manager along with the noted botanist and environmentalist Dr Ganga Sahai, who holds the prestigious doctorate degree in Plants-Biochemistry – with sole purpose of making the entire world free from diseases through sacred principles of Wellness derived from Ayurveda. .

The purpose – does not only emphasizes on physical wellbeing or mere diseases management but addresses the larger perspective of wellness; and that is – the balance of ones Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual wellbeing



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