It is a wonder blend of two super anti-oxidants & anti-inflammatory agents with hepato-protective, anti-carcinogenic and antimicrobial properties. The combination also helps repair the damage cells and can deal against the damage towards bodily tissues. It also helps manage various cancerous diseases, heart disease, other metabolic health problems and a wide range of lifestyle related disorders.


Disease prevention is the ‘first objective’ of Ayurveda.

Ancient Formula

The combination of these wonder herbs are directly sourced from ancient sacred texts which makes it timeless and unique.


Benefits mentioned in the sacred texts have been evaluated as per the phyto-nutrients contained in each herb.

Tissue Rejuvenation

7 Structural Tissues are nourished to make your entire bodily system ANEW at any age.


Key Ingredients

These Seven Sacred Herbs helps you in balancing your Seven Structural Tissues

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Key Features

The proprietary Ayurvedic Products support

  • AS A CATALYST(increses bio-efficacy and reduces side-effects) WITH YOUR PRESCRIBED DRUGS
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Other Complimenting Supplements

You can also choose our other supplements to suit your other wellness and preventive health requirement from our vast range of Ayurvedic Wellness Supplements.

The no. 1 problem in my state is Diabetes among other lifestyle diseases like Blood Pressure & Cholesterol, Arthritis, Piles & Constipation and male impotency as well as in fertility. As a keen health enthusiast I always use to search about good health supplements. Then a friend suggested me for Herbalage Ayurvedic Supplements, I casually took a few products of Immunity Enhancement and General Vitality, to my surprise I experienced wonderful results in just a fortnight.My people and me are really thankful to Herbalage Ayurvedic Supplements.

Thangkhopao Kipgen (PaPaO)

Imphal, Manipur

During my long career as a consultant Yoga & Natural Health expert I usually had one common query from most of my clients that apart from Yoga and other fitness regimen, how they can like supplement in their daily intake in natural form as well as in holistic manner. Herbalage has boosted my confidence in Ayurveda and I have found the better approach to help more and more people to help lead healthy life

Richa Sahai,

Yoga & Natural Health Expert and Healer, Delhi-NCR

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